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East European Women Compared with US Women

It has been said that many American men are choosing East European women for a number of reasons. Yet, many don’t understand what those reasons are. While many think that dating someone from another country is hard work and not worth the trouble, there are some who think differently. Therefore, you should read why the American men we spoke with are checking out the dating scene for women from another country.

The first is that some of you men out there don’t like the women who are clingy. All too many American women represent this. They want to go here and there and they want to do this together. The way that East European women were taught; they are independent. They want to do things without their significant loved one. That is one difference that many men love.

Now, in the United States, men have been taught that they buy gifts for women and they pay for dinner. Yet, what if you want a girl, but you don’t always have the money to do this sort of thing? East European women are different. They are willing to help pay if they have the money. They like to pay for their own things rather than to have a guy do all the paying for them. You will feel as though you are on more common grounds and on equal grounds at that.

Single East European Women

Christina, 23 y.o.
Inessa, 30 y.o.
Nataly, 32 y.o.
Irina, 30 y.o.
Tatiana, 28 y.o.
Ekaterina, 35 y.o.

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There are many American women who stay active and maintain a great outer appearance while they are seeking a date. However, when they are married and they have children; they let this go. Something that American men like is that East European women don’t do this. They keep up their appearance by going to the gym and finding other ways to keep up their appearance. They have been taught that a man wants to feel as though he has a great looking woman on his arms when he goes out in public. He deserves that is what they are taught so they do what they can to look good.

Unlike most American women who don’t really go to college, there are many East European women that have. They are very intellectual and can have a great conversation. You will be able to have a very intellectual conversation with her at dinner and so forth. Even the English language isn’t so much of a burden. They pick it up quickly.

The last thing you will find when you look at the differences between East European women and American women is just the way the culture looks at sexual intercourse before marriage. There are some religions that women in the United States have that idea that you can’t live together and have sex before you get married or you won’t go to heaven. Well, with East European women, they are expected to live together and have sex in a sense before they are married which allows you to see if you two will click when you are together. These are a few of the differences between East European women and American women you will find, but there are still many more to learn.

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