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Learning about Russian culture is the first thing you should do if you want to date Russian women.

The most common Russian tradition is drinking alcohol. It is known as disrespectful to not drink as much as everyone else. Men enjoy vodka and women enjoy Soviet Champagne. Small shops sell alcohol and chocolate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there is never a time where you cannot buy alcohol in Russia. Though Russian women don’t drink as much as Russian men, they drink a lot more than women in the US. The more you can drink without passing out, the more respected you are in Russia. Those who drink alone are considered alcoholics, so drinking with a group is much more encouraged.

Russians always have a reason to drink, whether they bought something new or to celebrate the coming weekend. Their process of drinking is very specific as well, a toast is made and everyone must finish their glass or it means they do not support what was “toasted”. Another toast follows about every 5-10 minutes.

If you want to date Russian women, it is suggested that you follow in their culture. If you do not drink alcohol, she will probably not be very interested in you, as you won’t have much in common with her. Another thing you should know about Russian culture when you date Russian women are their holidays.

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Their most celebrated and biggest holiday is New Years, which is the same day as it is in the US, January 1st. In Soviet times it was against the law to celebrate Christmas, which is now celebrated on December 7th. Russians had a different calendar than the US until February of 1918, so they also celebrate Old New Years on January 13th. February 23rd is The Homeland Defender's Day also known as non-official "Men’s Day"; women will normally give men small gifts and all men are celebrities on this day.

On March 8th, a very special day to know if you are going to date Russian women is "Women’s Day". On this day the men normally give small gifts, like flowers and are supposed to do all the housework. Women in Russia enjoy this day because they get to relax and they don’t get to very often in Russia. If you date Russian women, or plan on dating one, this is a holiday to remember to celebrate. April 1st, like in the US, is known as "The day of the laugh" where jokes are played on people and you are "not to trust anyone".

May 1st is known as the day of labor, which was more popular during Soviet times. May 9th is a two day public holiday called “Victory Day”. June 12th is Independence Day in Russia, a newer holiday. September 1st is the first day of school; children will bring flowers for their teachers. November 7th is Day of October Revolution and December 12th is The Constitution Day. Russians have also adopted other holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and the Chinese New Year.

Before you decide to date Russian women online, read more about their culture. They will respect you for taking the time to learn more about them and it will make it easier for you to date Russian women.

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